Shifu Hayashi is a long-time dream intuiter, awakener


I’m an American Buddhist monk, noted martial arts master and author, Chris Goedecke, who first became fascinated by dreams through my own prolific
    dreaming experiences as a teenager. When I began to record and interpret my
               own constant, vivid dreams. In the 40 years since, I’ve brought valued
               interpretations and insights to countless friends, family members,
           students, colleagues and clients.




The Wisdom Path


 I follow the Mindfulness Traditions of the Asian Esoteric lineage masters. Helping awaken individuals to their authentic nature, power and possibilities,
by tapping wellsprings of wisdom within their dreams.


Decode your significant dream with Hayashi


People of all ages, educations, backgrounds, belief systems, have expressed immense appreciation for my interpretations, intuiting, insights…and
amazement about how revealing and relevant their decoded dreams are to
their everyday lives.


Take the opportunity to discover


If you want to gain fresh, even life-altering insight into a significant, puzzling or recurring dream, the next step is a direct consult; any number of ways, to share your dream. From talking by phone, Skype or Face Time to emailing, or sending an audio recording.


How it works


Click here to prepare your dream and schedule an interpretation. I’ll send you
an email confirmation when I receive your dream. All your dream information will remain strictly confidential. After you pay, I will send you a complete written interpretation by email within 1 to 2 weeks


Value involved


Valuable time, thought, energy goes into every dream interpretation. Depending upon a dream’s length and complexity, my fee ranges from $50 to 150 per dream.
I will tell you in advance what the cost will be to fully interpret your dream.
Once you agree, you will receive a confirmation by email: simply prepay via Paypal (I’ll provide a link) — and I will begin interpreting for you.



Sample Dream Intuits



Dreams are subject to many different interpretations. Only the dreamer themselves can know or feel what resonates strongly as their personal truth.


My interpretations encourage a kind of inner conversation between the dreamer and
their dreams. I make no claims of predicting anyone’s future, or of healing illnesses, or resolving disorganizations or illusions of self. I act only as a lens, as a facilitator, an illuminator, for awakening, engaging one’s inner resources by bringing greater clarity to their dreams.

Your dreams are
rich in essential life messages


Your dreams are psychic
connective tissue between your
inner and outer worlds.
Demystifying and understanding them can reveal powerful
insights about your life issues, questions, opportunities.