Betty’s Dream

(mother, divorcee)


The dreamer is sitting in the back of an airplane heading off to an unknown destination, sitting with her grandchildren and her maternal grandmother. The back seat extends the entire width of the back of the plane. No one is talking. In a seat up front she can make out the back of the head of a person she believes is her former husband. She can see him, but he does not look back at her. Outside the window is an Angelfish sailing alongside the plane, which she believes may be one of her grandchildren.



The dreamer sits in a silver corvette. A fellow churchgoer, named Bill, is driving. The side windows are darkly tinted making it impossible to see out. Bill’s window is cracked open which allows them to see a black man with a gun who attempts to rob them. Betty tells Bill to close the window. She places her handbag, which has a gun in it, on her lap. Bill calmly drives off. Nothing happens



Back on the plane, Betty notices the airplane is descending. But the descent turns into a nosedive. She realizes the plane will crash and that she will die. The plane hits the ground. A huge fireball sweeps upward engulfing her. Yet, she experiences no fear, panic, or worry. She is calm.



Next, Betty finds herself on a beach, but can’t see the water. There are two paths; one to the right and one straight ahead. To take the path to the right, she must step up. But after walking about twenty feet, she realizes it’s not the correct path. The ocean was not her destination. She takes the other path.


Piercing Cloud’s eye

You’re going along for a ride, flying high, taking a back seat, letting yourself go. The accompanying three generations of your family suggest this is a grand flight, perhaps the march of time, destiny’s flow. But your vehicle is not a car or a bus. It’s not of the earth. It’s up in the air, ethereal, suggesting a spiritual flight. You’re also not up front in this flight, as in you’re not young anymore. You’re not a child. You’re at the tail end of your life, middle age. Your seating (life posture) is comfortable, relaxed and trusting. The overlong seat you are on has the feel of a church pew. And there is silence (no one is talking), as if sitting in a church. Everyone is just peacefully waiting to arrive at his or her destinations. It's the same destination for everyone. This feels like a Life flight, where no one really knows where they will end up, but they are all connected, all one the same plane of human existence. Just as your grandchildren are there, you too are the grandchild of your grandmother. Grandmothers and their grandchildren represent the march of generations. Your ex-husband is on the same plane. You can see him without him witnessing you. You see only the back of his head, implying that you can’t see his perspective, even though you are all on the same journey. Since you are not making any eye contact, you are not really in contact with him.  But you are all on the same plane of existence, just in different seats (different perspectives). Outside the plane are the heavenly realms where time and space follow different rules. I say this, because of the angelfish swimming alongside the plane. This entity appears to have an astral connection to you and your flight of destiny. It may be your deceased son in his spiritual form or Christ the Fish. A spiritual fish is free in a heavenly ocean. A real fish is out of its element in the sky, but an angelfish is not, as the heavenly realms are not bound to the same laws. This angelfish doesn’t look at you because it’s connected through intuition, where the spirit is linked to matter.


Shift gears

You are on the ground, grounded, back to earth. This time you can see your driver. Bill is a church going man driving you in a sleek, powerful sports car. Perhaps, you see the church as your silver lining, as a sleek powerful, protective, even paternal (Bill the male driver) vehicle, well suited to take you through life. Yet again, you are a passenger heading to an unknown destination. You trust that your pilot/driver is doing his best, but you still don't know why or where you are being taken. In this vehicle you sit up front, the opposite perspective from your view on the plane. This time there is no back seat. You have to take a more forward, more active position. On the plane you couldn’t see out the front, only out the side windows. In the car, you can clearly see out front, but strangely, the side windows are now blocked, tinted, as if implying a dark or tinted perspective. Because your view is obscured, you and Bill are approached by a thief, a black or dark energy, a hidden conflict. You get blindsided because the tinted windows obscure the thief’s advance. But a small crack in the window allows you to see him coming. You move your handbag to you lap where a weapon is concealed. Is your weapon protecting you or protecting your lap (womanhood)? Do you know what the thief wants? If it is money he’s after, why would you show your purse by placing it on your lap? I think this hidden weapon is your external security in the event the Higher Path (religion) fails to deal with your issue?


Bill seems oblivious to what is happening. So he just drives off. Oddly, there are no repercussions. No one is hurt or even flustered. The event might as well have been nothing as far as he’s concerned. It’s almost as if he’s non-responsive, lacking normal human reaction. In this sense, perhaps, Bill represents God’s will. If things happen because it is God’s will there is nothing to actually fear.


This dream tells me that you have a great trust in your spiritually guidance, along for the ride so to speak, placing your life in God’s hands as God is your pilot and Bill, a Godlike disciple, is your driver.



Things take another unexpected turn on your plane of existence. The plane’s descent turns into an unexpected nosedive, followed by a fireball crash. You’ve come to realize that death is inevitable. Everything and everybody are eventually consumed. The dream message is that there is no escape from life. And you appear accepting of this turn of events. You don't cling or scream out to your grandchildren or grandmother. Instead you ask God, “What’s up?” Your curiosity is at full play. In the face of a fiery death, of all the emotions that could be stirred, you are simply curious!



Shifting to a beach has several interpretations. After one has been consumed, killed (beached), and possibly reborn near the waters of life, your destination is still not clear. In all the dream instances you don't know your destination. It is not the ocean. It’s not the right path either, where one has to ‘step up’. Your path is straight ahead, directly in front of you, the path that doesn’t require any veering into right or left thinking. This middle ground is soft and yielding. There are also no more vehicles. You are left to negotiate with your own two feet. You are not being flown, not flying high, or being driven, or driving to get somewhere. You are left to negotiate your destination by your own momentum, your own instincts, your own intelligence, and intuitions. No one is going to take you somewhere, take you away from danger, or save you from death. You are simply going to have to choose your own path on the basis of your own intelligence.


Flying, driving, crashing, dying, rebirthing, walking alone or with others, we each make our own way in Life’s journey. You and only you can ultimately determine your destination.




Sarah’s Dream

(female university student)


Sarah dreamt that she had “a stringy mole,” growing out of the center of her palm. Later, she found herself being chased by several men with dark eyes, wearing trench coats. They would pull up in a van, abduct people and drive away. She wanted her father to rescue her. As she was dining in the university cafeteria, someone cautioned her not to eat the food for it might be poisonous and she would get infected. Sarah forced herself to wake up from her dream.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

This is a dream about an uncomfortable relationship with another person or persons. Something distasteful has occurred between you and another. In either case, there is something repulsive, even poisonous, about it. You may have found yourself unsuspecting of the motivations of the other person in this relationship. Healthy relationships are supposed to be nurturing. By contrast, poor relationships can be toxic if you are not mature enough to see the neediness of certain people. This dream expresses that a relationship you are having is poisoning your morals, as in the poisonous growth on your ‘right’ hand, which represents correctness, morality, rightness in thought and action. Perhaps, you are being ‘strung along’, led to believe that your interaction in this relationship is okay when, in fact, it is not. This relationship is challenging and abusive.


The fact that you have been infected leads tells me that you have interacted in a way that makes you feel scared, ashamed, or guilty in some way, and that you want to hide the scar of your interaction. You want to break off the ‘growth’ of this relationship and not have to confront the person or persons who initiated it. I believe that you were innocently taken in, then after emotional pain, realized it was wrong.


The innocent part of you wants your father to come and make it better. Your father represents a higher authority called to save your innocence. But you realize that your father cannot enter into this private situation. You may not feel comfortable revealing such intimate knowledge to a ‘private’ investigator.  This is something you must work out on your own.


 Then you see an innocent person dragged away by people whose eyes you cannot make out and whose form is disguised in a trench coat. Darkened eyes—eyes where the sun (God) does not reach. Trench coat - in the trenches, in the dirt, dirty, hidden. The form that does not reveal its true from is either a trickster or evil.


 If you did not force yourself to wake up, the dream should have progressed to a logical conclusion that you would have been dragged from your house and carried away in body, mind, or spirit by something dark, evil, distasteful or abusive. Your unconscious wants you to recognize that there is something inherently frightening and abusive going on. This dream could be about one of the following situations;


1. The least likely, is that you are being intellectually poisoned at the university by ideas that go against your morality. By accepting distasteful academic foodstuff you are becoming ‘marked.’


 2. You are in a relationship with someone that at the outset seemed okay, but now you have discovered something scary about it in which you unconsciously want your father’s help. However, he cannot help you in this matter. It could be about loosing your virginity, but there is some shame attached to this relationship that goes beyond that. This is a relationship you no longer want and have come to believe is poisonous. It does not feel right. It destroys your morality or esteem.


3. You are in an abusive relationship and afraid of the consequences of revealing this abuse to anyone. An older male, like a professor, boyfriend, or another woman is coercing you into a distasteful act. You cannot hide from it. Though you may break it off, you may find yourself having to account for your action by the perpetrator. The dream suggests that you will be caught by the abuser’s perception.


4. Perhaps, this is a dream about a past abusive situation of which you are beginning to feel guilty and scared about because of a new level of intimacy that you have with friends at the school in which allow you to see such past events with new eyes.

The image of the innocent kid being taken away makes me feel that these events extend beyond the campus into your everyday life. I think you are being emotionally or physically abused.


After hearing her dream interpretation, Sarah revealed that she was in a sexual relationship with an older female. This female wanted Sarah back in her life but she was feeling shamed by the experience.




Dorothy's Recurring Dream

(educated, professional woman in her 40’s)


No Place To Dump

The dreamer goes into her bathroom. There is no toilet. In its place is simply a gaping hole.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

Bathrooms are very private places that deal with primitive functions, basic hygiene and elimination. A body can 'let down', ' let go of', 'take off' or 'wash away' the dead, the useless, the toxic.


A bathroom could be defined as the 'used grief' center of the soul. If we substantiated our grief, sorrow or forgiveness, and gave it real form or boundary, we might retire to the privacy of our inner bathrooms and eliminate unnecessary weightiness from our spiritual bodies.


But what if the toilet bowl should be missing? What if instead, there remains a black hole in the floor, like a hole an animal digs to defecate into? What if the well-formed civilized seat is absent?


If there isn't an appropriate receptacle for us to let go of and stop holding the shit of our lives, we may have to resort to more primal dumping. Or perhaps, our feelings must get dumped unnoticed into a black hole.


Did you remove the toilet bowl as an excuse for not having to dump the dark side of your personality? Instead, you choose to staunchly hold it all in. No toilet, no dumping.  Or is it, no toilet, inability to dump?


The conflict of this dream is found in two opposing voices wishing to be heard. You wrote the script to have your toilet bowl missing, but another part of you wants it nailed down firmly in place so that it cannot be removed again. Who removed it in the first place? Why didn't you just will it back?


Your dream is asking you to address the issue of why one part of you has removed the receptacle for your more primal emotional release or grief while the other part wants a safe, civilized place to dump it all.


One part can't let go because the toilet bowl isn't there. The other part wants the security of the bowl, always in place.


If you didn't have anything inside needing dumping, then this dream would be far too superficial to be recurring. If you had control over when and how you could release the crappy feelings inside, you'd have the bowl returned or dump your problems into the black hole.


You don’t need a toilet bowl to let go of your feelings. This is an excuse that you've convinced yourself of. Primal emotions and release is calling, but your 'Head' is not there to take the message in.




Sam’s Dream

 (software engineer)


The Murder

I am involved with a crime boss who wants me to kill someone. I do not know the victim. The crime boss and I go to an
undetermined location. It’s some kind of backyard near a restaurant. There are people in the vicinity dining on the restaurant
patio. I am aware that there may be witnesses. The victim is male. He is shot dead. I have no recollection of shooting him, but I know I am responsible for the killing. We wrap the body in a towel only to discover that the body is small, the size of a bread box, and so is the towel. The body must have shrunk. We look for a place to hide the victim because I feel the police are coming. Colored pictures arrive showing the murder in sequence. I feel someone on the patio must have seen me kill
this guy.


I awake in the dream and realize that an adult body could not possibly fit into such small towel. I go back to the crime boss who offers me help.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

Who could overwhelm our sense of justice and make any of us kill another human but some aspect of our very own self, namely our ego.  The crime boss may be your own bossy ego egging you on to murder a part of yourself. I believe you want to eradicate, eliminate, or hide a vulnerable and victimized emotional part of yourself. Boss ‘Ego’ gives you directions, which you carry out without further conscience, morality, and with total ambivalence. Though you coolly (intellectually) recognize that you have committed a crime, the only guilt you feel, emerges after the murder when you realize the possibility that someone else may have witnessed your action. The criminal distinction lies in the recognition that some part of you understands that any emotional murder does not honor your true self.


The witness or witnesses (there are two witnesses, yourself and the mysterious ‘other’ who sends the photos) represents your higher conscience, a higher morality, an inner arbiter of justice.


There is a strong feeling of childlike guilt present in this dream. “I didn’t know what I did was wrong,” a kind of aftershock guilt. The ego’s criminal insensitivity overlays another mood on top of the first.  “If you catch me and prove to me that I am wrong, only then will I acknowledge my feelings.”  So we have this sense of guilt mixed with ambivalence. The central friction of your dream is whether this murder matters to you or not.


The drama escalates when a series of photos reconnects you with a stronger reality of your crime. Someone who witnessed the murder sends you several photos. The photos are real, logically sequenced, and in color. You remark that the color is significant. You also say that the rest of the dream might have been in black and white. This suggests that the issues of right or wrong (symbolized by black and white) now become less clearly defined.  The murder is captured on record and presented frame at a time with a more realistic coloring. An outside observer is engaging you to recount the experience, to see it in a different light, so to speak. And this observer is pressing you to see that this event does matter to you! You are worried about this exposure. Guilt is stirred. You begin to have anxiety about the possibility of the police (higher authority), openly accusing you of a crime. The implication is that you will have to face the natural law of feeling your feelings.


When you realized the towel was too small to wrap the body in and that the body itself was as small as a breadbox this revealed a further clue when the real emotional murder was committed. Babies are wrapped in a towel at birth. So there is some confusion as to whether you shot a small man or a young child. I believe the murder was intended to kill both the man and the child because they are one and the same.  The attempted eradication of vulnerable feelings, feelings you may have denied since childhood now could be keeping you in adulthood, emotionally small, like a child. So your murder victim was appropriately, a man-child. The real murder in this dream is about preventing liberation of an emotionally vulnerable and split part of yourself.


The body being the size of breadbox analogy was an interesting choice of images. A breadbox is like a coffin. Something is placed inside and preserved for a later date. We could say ‘it’, the ‘issues’ here are preserved, kept alive. They still have energy to them. They are still very much an issue buried in your unconscious. The issue and the attached feelings are pressing upward into consciousness and the crime boss (ego) wants them depressed. The ego doesn’t want messy unfinished man/child business in its house.  It’s much easier to bury the whole mess than to exume it and re-examine it, as the photos urge you to do. This recreates an on-going drama about conflicted inner feelings. The crime boss’s act is uncovered for what it is—a soul murder, because of a single element, the witness’s photos.  They provide clues and logic. The witness is the one who chronicles the interior event. This witness mirrors back to you, with great clarity, the real value and meaning of your inner turmoil. This witness was not only on the restaurant patio. This witness is P A T T Y- OH (reference to an important person in the dreamers real life) Patty, Oh? is the brilliance of the punny unconscious. I interpret the less formal name, Patty, as your attempt to equalize your relationship to the witness, that the witness is no different from yourself and, therefore, there is hope of dispelling the painful reality of the photos impact, that your feelings both should and do matter.  But your relationship is not one of equals. The photos have much more clarity than your ambivalent actions during the murder and suggest the witness has a higher vantage.  In actuality, I would say your work with Pat Collins resonates your higher consciousness and thus creates a drama of conflicted feelings.  There is a surprise (OH!) element when you get the photos. If a dream says anything its chorus is, ‘Do You Get It? On the patio people are feasting, pleasurably, resting, basking in the outdoors. Life and food is served on this patio. Here one can order the ‘fruits of life’.  The PATTY-OH is where you will get your ‘soul’ food. Soul food comes from feeding on the vibrations of the higher consciousness.


The Zen monk, Taisen Deshimaru, once stated that, “everyone has a front and back”. Your murder takes place in the backyard of your psyche. Dark acts generally take place in the back yards, the subterranean layers of the psyche. It’s a behind-the-scenes killing. It’s out of plain view except for those who get their sustenance from a higher source and have a more penetrating vision. They are the ones who can see the interior confusions and make sense of our ignorant inner crimes. Your crime boss ego doesn’t want a living victim (a victimized part of yourself) bearing witness to some childhood injustices. Your ego suggests that you are holding to some strongly fixed, rigid ideals. At present, it’s much neater to simply have the puppeteer direct the puppet to kill one’s more vulnerable emotions. But the witness resonates something deeper and your dream emerges to bring this inner drama and all the players to life.


Afterward, the dreamer revealed that he harbored a deep guilt over an abortion in college.




 Bob's Dream

(University student)


Broken Communication

While the dreamer is holding a cell phone in his hand it explodes. He must go to a Verizon store to have it repaired. However, the store’s owner’s  do a quick makeover, turning their facility into a McDonald’s restaurant where they are also conducting a contest in which Bob must goes online to participate. An older male offers Bob tickets telling him that they ought to be good ones. Bob wins a large sum of money as a result.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

In this dream Bob experiences a sudden loss of communication without any pain or damage. Because he can’t talk on the airwaves he seeks a natural remedy to restore the loss of communication but experiences instead a transformation. When seeking repair he is drawn into a contest.


Bob transitions from client to contestant. The new focus is a game of chance. Bob is taking a chance on game-playing with someone in his life. But things are not what they appear. Through divine grace a male stranger hands him tickets to a contest. This dream suggests that he holds the lucky winning ticket. He is not only given a good tip but the goods along with it.


To sum up the dream: There is a lot to be gained when you have an insider who can help you with broken communication. The loss of communication put you on a surprise, inside track in a game of chance where you have more to gain if you take the wise man’s advice.



Jill’s Dream

(mother, middle aged woman, author)



Because of earth tilt/wind change/unseasonal rains--an area of land is flooded, trees drowning, and area to right [formerly jungle] is arid. There is political/environmental/charitable debate about draining left land and channeling water back to right. However, there is some reason this may be perilous.


To argue for the siphoning, camera shows parched vegetation with creatures desperately scrambling to forage. A huge, giraffe-like carrot is chomping sparse, twiggy vegetation from top of ravaged, dry trees. Carrot is eating from its top, thick end—I guess that’s his mouth. I think—wait, isn’t a carrot a vegetable—how can it be foraging? Another giant carrot eats the same way and again my mind objects, isn’t it a vegetable—then my mind rationalizes, yeah, it’s a plant, but I guess that’s just how plants grow and fatten up—they gobble other plants in the night probably, we just don’t see it. Now we do because desperate for survival. [in daylight, this detail seems related to gross aspects of raw animal survival, natural processes: we’d just had discussion: Pete’s girlfriend’s sister just had baby, everyone in room watching, Rachel only turning away when DR. grabbed scissors to cut birth canal wider—I remark at dinner table, ychh!, I never would have wanted my sister, mother, etc. to be watching private parts while having baby]


Wake up and remember pharaoh in Old Testament, has dreams of sheaves/animals devouring; Joseph is called in and interprets: 7 years' bumper crop to be followed by 7 years' famine; his interpretation enables Egypt to store up grain and survive famine--which leads to kidnapped Joe's being reunited with guilty-grieving family.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

A great upheaval is taking place inside you. The old way doesn’t work anymore. That which was once right has now become wrong/arid. The sprawling jungle is gone. An emotional flood of biblical proportion drowns the left side. Your mental authorities are in heated dialogue about holding onto the ‘rightness’ of the other path.


The incentive to stay alive is larger than life. The carrot/incentive feeds from the top down, from the head to the body. It feeds on ideas and on conceptualizations represented by the tops of tree rather than their roots.


This incentive is consuming the energy of all the other life forms. There is a sense of urgency; must get food, must get energy, must get bigger or you won’t make it. You are being consumed by your own all-consuming drive.


This ravenous act is not taking place in broad daylight but in the shadows of your soul.



Craig's Dream

(Manhattan corporate writer working on a big project)


Things Are What They Are

I’m walking in an enormous city square, viewing gigantic building structures in the distance. I suddenly become aware that I am limping on my right leg. Next, I am being operated upon by a doctor, whom I know and trust. It’s my wife’s doctor but his back is to me. I can‘t see what he is doing but I can see his tools. Oddly, they consist of a hammer, chisel and scalpel. Next thing I know, he has hewed off large, peach-colored fillets of my leg. I view the entire operation from a detached perspective.


Piercing Cloud’s Eye

You seem to be ‘acted upon’ rather than taking action. The focal point of the dream centers around the enormity of the square, its distance, structures, and the fact that a limp you have noticed requires surgery. It would appear that the limp has resulted from your walking (journeying) in an expansive cityscape. But you have chosen the right leg for the limp rather than the left. The right leg is the masculine leg. It represents energy’s outflow. The left leg represents energy’s inflow. It’s possible that the hobbling you notice is caused by the journey in this enormous square. A square shape, according to the Feng Shui sects, represents the earth. But here we have the earth as represented by a culture or a conditioning. You are not in a forest but a cityscape, and one oddly devoid of its inhabitants. It’s as if they have all vanished so that you could experience just how enormous their creation is when it’s devoid of its people. Normally, such a square would be bustling at all times of the day. I get the sense the square is essentially flat and one-dimensional. It’s easy to see why a journey could cause one’s creativity and sexuality to freeze up. I say the latter because the color peach, which you described as the color of the leg fillet, is synonymous with lower chakra energies. The lowest three chakras are connected to organic nature, to the gut passions, to sexual energy as a creative force and to some extent to survival abilities. Though you appear to be intrigued with the structures themselves, their massiveness, their zen voidness and simplicity, they are void of life, void of signs of life. This jutting stone building in the distance may appeal to your sense of design but your organic nature is getting hobbled. It is drawing your attention to a part of your own mental structure getting frozen as a result of the one-dimensional inner ground you are walking upon.


The doctor reveals tools more suited to a sculptor or a stonecutter— hammer, chisel, scalpel. The hammer and chisel hints that your leg has rigidified and needs to be exorcised. But you are somewhat ambivalent about the whole surgery. It’s as if you have a natural instinct that this matter will be taken care of solely by virtue of your powers of manifestation. You don’t need to see the doctor’s face. You just ‘know’ and trust intuitively.


When you say that you observe the operation on your leg without anxiety from a detached perspective, it speaks of a inner characteristic, that no matter how bad a situation appears, you can observe it from a distance, like a scientist, watching an experiment from another room. You are never so caught up in the moment that you loose mindfulness of what is taking place.


The epicenter of your dream is the actual surgery. More is being cut away than is actually on the leg itself. It's a kind of surgical ‘edit’, two much is being cut out to leave just enough. The fillet of leg is juicy with creativity and nourishment, just not the right proportion for this particular journey. Perhaps, this dream is dealing with the burden of your upcoming work project. You have plenty of ideas as a small but integral part of this massive technology corporation but you are only going to choose the best-of-the-best ideas to incorporate. The rest you will dispense with. There’s nothing rotten about those leg fillets. They stand on their own merits. Someone else might enjoy them broiled with lemon and capers. You don’t want to be stifled by over-thinking the project.


I think this dream is about your current work project and your intuitive ability to cut away to the right amount of momentum and creative input. The vastness of the square is your isolation when it comes to turning out the finished product. Your aloneness in the square might be the need to enter creative space to brew the elixir of words and ideas. The “square” is your current canvas. You don't want your pace hobbled by over-stimulation but your instincts jump in and edit out any rigidity of overabundance.



Karl’s Dream

(educated middle aged male)


The Hidden Platform

The Dreamer is looking from an angle at a beautiful landscape, devoid of people, but with all the natural elements present. The imagery switches to lying on his stomach on a thin mattress on a beach. The mattress suddenly alights, carrying him over a harbor. It continues to rise to such a great height that it creates a fear of falling into the water below also reveals a giant, dark platform looming beneath the water’s surface that could not be seen at ground level. Finally, the mattress delivers him back to the beach.


Piercing Cloud's Eye

Four distinct events take place in your dream. 1. The grand perspective 2. The beach perspective 3. The Harbor perspective and 4. A return to the beach perspective.


The first image defines the way you perceive reality. Because it is devoid of people, I feel this dream is about your relationship to yourself.


The second image, lying on the beach, defines where such a perception brings you in your life. The word that comes to mind is ‘basking’. You are basking in the pleasures and aesthetics of your life and its surroundings. But you are not facing the sun. Although you are close to the ground, you are separated from it by a thin airy mattress (of security) imagined or real. Though this mattress adds to your overall comfort, it also acts a buffer between you and the ground or source of your being. Because of this buffer you are elevated and brought over a harbor. Why is this? No controls are necessary to transport you other than your state of being. Because there exists a hidden discordancy in your life your unconscious and the uniqueness of your broad perceptive capabilities naturally incline you to look at what this unbalance is. The surface environment is very clear and attractive to you but the hidden terrain below the water’s surface is foreboding, and murky in purpose. A harbor by definition is a sanctuary for vessels and a hub of commerce. So you are getting a chance to take in a larger view of that essential medium which conveys your quintessential exchanges to take place. Water is often thought of as emotion, or the fluid energy of a self in motion.


I don't feel your dangling feet are a critical part of the dream as long as the mattress supports your equilibrium. Because you can see things so broadly, your mattress becomes both a source of security and insecurity. In regards to the great height it elevates you, or separates you from the ground, your will, though active, is paralyzed with a rising sense of fear that there need or ought to be controls in order for you to avoid falling. Could a thin or false cushion of security cause one to suddenly feel precariously balanced above a large emotional issue?


Where we experience divide, we also experience a glimpse of that which we are divided from. The dark side of the moon is always close at hand.


The essence of this dream, in my opinion, is the great, ominous, covert, underwater platform, the mysterious submarine landing or taking off strip.


I feel your unconscious is calling your attention to buried emotions, from a deep psychic platform built by your own hidden intelligence, running secret operations in your house of sanctuary and commerce. The secretive mastermind’s agenda is not entirely clear. Platform = paradigm. A hidden paradigm is embedded in your emotional nature.


Having gotten the intended message from deep within your psyche, you were transported back to the beach with this new information.